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What's one game series or game that means the most to you ?

Like what is one game or a series that you love to this day, that you played non stop even thru hard times.

My fav games series is Harvest Moon. I played my first game of it on PS2 and I was like 6 years old. I still play the series to this day. The series means the world to me, when shit went down at home I'd just be in my room playing my HM games!!!

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Diddy Kong Racing
that's all i'm gonna say.
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For me it's probably forza Motorsport played it since 2 an absolutely loved 4 but I honestly can't seem to get into it as much anymore
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The Zelda series, most important is Majora's Mask. The reason is because of the music and symbolism that is in the game, when I was a kid and played I thought little on what the game was about. But I grew older and played it again, I discovered there is so much more meaning than saving a land and Zelda. Majora's Mask has the 5 stages of grief as follows.

Clock Town: Denial.
Woodfall: Anger.
Snowhead: Bargaining.
Great Bay: Depression.
Ikana Valley: Acceptance.
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call of duty
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Gears of War.

Too bad The Coalition is trash and ruined the series with 4 & 5. UE was good though.
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Unfortunately, fallout 76 was a horrendous game which hugely let me down, but I still love the series and all the fandoms
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I just really like the COD series! Use to love gears of war tho!
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Call of Duty!!! I miss the old Modern Warfare 2! Such a classic. Ugh!
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NieR: Automata / NieR series as a whole has an extremely bitter sweet relationship with me because if you actually pay attention to the story, it really makes you question what it means to be human/alive and makes you question what does your life truly have any value of in the world. It does not shy away from challenging people's look on religion/creationism, suicide, accepting death or push the boundaries of revenge/vengeance being your own grave digger. NieR and NieR: Automata have both been joked as "emotional torture the game" and I would say it's holds true to that joke of a name because if you sit through and pay attention, you'll question things in your own life and if you're someone who gets emotional easily, I feel like that game can actually do some damage to you if you're not careful. Friend of mine played it when having severe depression and the dude was having some sort of existential crisis while playing that game because he was struggling to cope with the whole idea of finding what makes someone human and what value their life holds.

Tales series is another one that holds a place for me, especially Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria to a lesser extent. Just because during those 2 games, it plays on the concept that people have in the real world when they wish there was no pain, violence in the world, no death, no evil, nothing bad. It has you question would those ideals be preferred with what happens to everyone on a daily basis or would you rather be a "slave" with no free will and emotions, yet everything is at peace. Berseria throws around the question constantly "why do birds fly" and each person who answers is has their own outlook on it, basically relating to passion vs reason. Berseria is all about embracing your passion/desires and you are what makes you as a whole and embracing that no matter the past. Berseria and Zesteria both really also target in on a feeling/expression I've held close to my heart since a kid and that's simply "sometimes to truly save a person is through death" and I think in the games they captured that perfectly through helping people who have wished/ask/begged for death or helping some characters realise that someone close to them they're still moping over is dead and they're not suffering anymore.
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