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So I started in season 1 thought it was odd but now I'm back giving it a chance and I really don't understand that game. If someone could come duo with me or trios I don't mind to tell me the basics and show me how to play would mean a lot! My GT on Xbox is REEDWS

If you genuinely help me and tell me how to play and a really sound guy/girl I'll give you something in return either a skin or what ever you want around the same price.

Comment or just add and message me.

I'm 23 from UK
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in all fairness mate just playing the game and finding which gun works best for you is key and also which legend suits your play style... plus playing with others will make it harder with SBMM as yeah you may get wins and get carried but you wont stand a chance... just play the game have fun and you will see improvement
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Like the dude above me said, Just keep playing and youll get the hand of it. It plays very different to other BR's and you'll figure out what character you'll main and it'll make the game even better. Takes a lot of practice and patience to get used to the game
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