GeneralAre you the type that likes to stay inside or go out?Posted:

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Are you the type that likes to stay inside your place or go out?

I'm usually always inside. Even as a kid ID stay inside and play video games all day. But don't mind going out here and there like to eat or shop.

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Going out can sometimes be alright. With mates and stuff. Normally I just go out on my bike and ride for abit. Otherwise I'm at my xbox or doing college work inside
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For me it's a bit of both
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100% outside being indoors drives me insane
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I love the outdoors was always out camping before this lock down, I have gone a couple off times since but police everywhere
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I'd rather stay inside tbh, I like the comfort of my home.
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I always like to be out doing things but it's also nice to have days in especially with all of this stuff that's been going around.
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it depends on the situation tbh but i tend to be outside more.
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For me it's a bit of both. Like I enjoy going out but equally I like staying in and watching movies and gaming
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Sometimes I like staying in! But a lot of the time I gotta be outside doing something or driving my car!
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