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So what kind of person are you? Do you have more of a sweet tooth or savoury?

What's your go to snack if you get hungry?

For me I have a sweet tooth, can demolish chocolate and sweets like nothing.

Favourite at the moment is Haribo Tangfastics

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Snack to go is watermelon !
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Sweet all day, my biggest downfall is sweet stuff
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Used to be always sweets, but as a result I get alot of toothaches now when I eat sweets and chocolate so I try an avoid eating anything like that now until I build up the courage to go to a dentist and get my teeth fixed LoL I absolutely hate the dentist always did and always will!!
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Man I absolutely love candy!
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Looks like you are all a lot like me!

I absolutely love sweets aha
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Gotta be pringles lol!
Can smash easily 5-6 tubs a day but I only have 2 a week now as mans is in shape now a days and can't be overweight for work lol.
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I rarely eat candy but if I want to snack typically i'll just make mac and cheese or something simple.
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i get toothaches when i eat sweets
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Savoury. I'd rather tuck into a big fat greasy burger or roast than an ice cream.
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