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ive moved out of my family home and im trying to save money at my mums house.

she currently pays £47 for internet and phone... speeds are literally max 17MBPS download

anybody got any at all decent internet and 500 mins or unlimited for £20/30...and does shoot up after 12 months?

thank you

im not good at this kind of stuff.. thanks guys
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4G/5G or broadband?
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EE network is pretty cheap
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Virgin is good depending on if you have fiber in your area
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I can vouch for virgin but I also live in London; can imagine it being a bit shotty in some areas but that can be said for all providers.
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All depending on your area.
At the moment i get like around 30-50mbps, but where im moving to the max i can get is between 10-20mbps which sucks, but it is what it is really.
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bt i'd personally think
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