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Was just wondering if you type faster on your phone or PC?

Me personally it's my phone. I can type at least double the speed I can compared to typing on a keyboard. Plus I don't have to look at the keyboard on my phone when I'm typing. Unfortunately I do when typing on a keyboard..

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It'd be a close call tbh. I type pretty fast on my phone but with a keyboard I guess its knowing the layout which makes it way quicker. Plus you have more surface space to type with compared to a phone which is quite crushed together
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I definitely type faster on my phone. Everything I do is on my phone from sending invoices to just browsing TTG
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I type faster on my pc for sure like an old man typing on my phone.
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Definitely PC, I spend more time correcting wrongly auto corrected words on phone
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I'm pretty fast on both off them to be fair but my phone probs
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I think I type faster on my phone to be honest
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I type quicker on my phone but its a very close call, I feel I make more mistakes on the keyboard alot more frequent than my phone
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definitely type faster on my phone as i spend most of my time on it lol
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I'm fast at typing on a keyboard. But I'm much quicker on my phone. I can touch type on both, but it's weird because I'm much more accurate on my phone.
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