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I need some help so ilive with my girlfriend and her parents, and i have an Xbox One and a PC here.

So i connect both wirelessly to the router and every half hour or ten minutes it varies, it disconnects from internet on PC and says unable to connect to network it will also do the same on Xbox no idea why so its not a PC problem.

The router only has about 6 things connected to it so i couldn't imagine it being that and its not covered up.

They say theirs is working fine and normally it is becaue my phone is connected however why does it affect my PC and Xbox only like now im conneted to internet through my phones Hotspot because the PC wont connect.
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Have you tried any of the following..

    Update the firmware/software on the router

    Wired connections are better than wireless. period. Try a wired connection

    Reboot the router

    Call the ISP

    Purchase another router?
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