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How old were you when you got your first tattoo?

I was 18.

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I got mine for my 16th birthday
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I was 16 when I got my first tattoo, it said truly blessed. It eventually got really faded and I've gotten it done over then angel wings added onto the sides a couple of months ago.
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I was 16, I got my brothers name on my wrist and still to this day it's great
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Got my first at 16.
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I was 20 years Old
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Official tattoo, was 17. Some bullshit tattoo we made with a prison gun that got infected 15. The tattoo at 17 was to actually cover that up, in which I needed to cover up that coverup job, because you don't find a good tattoo artist who will tattoo you at 17 nearing 12 in the morning and have you come into their shop through the back exit. Either way, was working on a touchup and additions to that with an artist just you know, COVID-19 decided to pop up the year we got things in motion....
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20 when i got mine
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I started my sleeve at 16 but it's still a work in progress to this day!
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I'm 22 now and haven't gotten one yet. Sucks but I'm hoping that when this quarantine is over I'll be able to get it.
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