Funnywhat kinda scam calls you get?Posted:

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People are getting back to work because these scam calls are coming back.
I'm hearing a lot of the

"warranty on your car expired"

and the, "call apple support advisor or you will be charged 299"

oh and did you know "steve" from the american police force society wants your donation over the phone? and you're "harder to get a hold of than a roll of toilet paper"?

so what kind of scam calls do y'all get?
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havent gotten any to troll lately cause i put myself on the do not call list.

If they call anyways they can get a hefty fine
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I had a cold caller ring me up asking if I wanted to buy my coffin once very strange
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Extended car warranty
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"is this the crusty crab?"

jk lol usually my phone tells me if a caller is likely a scam so i just ignore them
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Always get them accident calls and PPI calls
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Very rare I get phone calls, mostly emails about paypay which I don't even have
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I had a call one time asking for me to pay my tax bill LoL was just some random dude I went along with it and he then emailed me on his bank details to pay funds into... Some people genuinely think you were born yesterday haha
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The reoccurring one I keep getting is 'have you been involved in a car accident'.

Or a phone call from an Indian man claiming to be from Microsoft as I have a virus in my computer
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I got a scam phone call claiming my card was used for 200$ on Apple and 350$ on amazon and to click a certain number on the telephone to contact a support person.

I checked my bank account and their was no money missing.
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