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Starting today, we are enforcing stricter rules to our sellers to alleviate potential risk with our buyers.

  • All sales are to be done on site ONLY. This rule is going to be heavily enforced. Sellers are required to start and complete their sales via the Private Messaging System.

  • Members are to report any off-site contact information shared by the seller.

  • Sellers who share any off-site contact information will IMMEDIATELY lose their PM privileges for a week, repeat offenses will exponentially increase their PM suspension and will also be subject to account suspension.

Trusted Sellers are the only users to sell off-site. All trusted sellers are REQUIRED to keep their threads up-to-date and close when they are backlogged / unable to take requests. Trusted Sellers are required to check in minimum of once per week and no less. It is preferred that Trusted Sellers keep all sales on-site but they have been given permission to do so off-site if needed.

Trusted Sellers are also enforced to enable 2FA on their account. We will do random checks to ensure that it is enabled on your account. If 2FA is disabled, you will lose your Trusted Seller badge until you can enable 2FA and verify it is you.

Seller Verification:

If you have doubts prior to purchase, feel free to drop me a Private Message regarding the current sale and I will gladly look into the seller to confirm or deny if we have any record of that user. NOTE: I confirm any current information I have regarding the seller. This does not prove the seller is 100% legitimate. If the sale is too good to be true, it probably is.


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Previous rules that stay in place:

Rules for modding

  • Selling is allowed, but you must NOT list accepted payment methods. You can list only your price. Do not post PayPal email addresses for payment; users must PM the seller and ask what methods are accepted. This is to avoid random payments to sellers who do not keep track of what users have paid what payment.

  • Recovery services are only allowed by stickied hosters. Non-sticked hosters may only offer lobby and pre-modded account services.

  • Console ID sales are NOT allowed.

  • We're accepting paid sticky threads in this area, but the number of spots is limited. Once all spots are in use, you will need to wait for someone to stop their paid sticky before you are able to buy that spot.

  • You MUST show valid proof of you being able to host modded lobbies. This means that you MUST show video proof of you in game with your TTG username and proof that you are ONLINE hosting. Once a new TU or dashboard is released, you must update your proof.

  • Sale trashing/flaming another business and or shop will not be tolerated stick to your own shop you've been warned. If you notice something unusual or any type of scam activity use the report button or contact a member of the staff team.

  • Topic titles may NOT contain words such as "trusted" or "verified", unless you hold the trusted seller badge.

  • Topic titles may NOT contain "free", unless actively offering free services.

  • Do NOT create topics asking for mods.

  • Forcing users to "post legit" before they get in the lobby is NOT allowed. Asking users to subscribe/follow/like/etc. on social media for entry is NOT allowed.

  • Linking off-site content to bypass the section/site rules is NOT allowed.

  • You are NOT allowed to share a topic with another member.

  • You are NOT allowed to ask other members to vouch on your topic. Vouches are restricted for members who have used your services and wish to leave feedback regarding your service.

  • Topics may NOT include both free services AND paid services. There is no way to track if these "free" lobbies are actually being done within a paid service topic.

    Below states what needs to be done via recovery/doesn't need a recovery, or with a pre-modded account:
    • Modern Warfare 3 - XP lobbies can be done, but needs recovery for rank, stats, and unlock
    • Black Ops 1 - XP lobbies can be done, but needs recovery for rank, stats, and unlock
    • Black Ops 2 - XP lobbies and online mod menus can be done, but needs recovery for rank, stats, and unlock all
    • MW2 - Online lobby or recovery
    • Ghosts - All client stats or recoveries
    • Advanced Warfare - All client stats or recoveries
    • Black Ops 3 - Recovery ONLY

Member advice: Gold members should always be trusted more than normal members for paid services.
Trusted Sellers: We will be giving trusted seller badges to paid sticky owners who have threads with good feedback.

    Rules for selling

    Only the following items are permitted:

  • Jailbroken consoles
  • PlayStation retail consoles
  • PlayStation visual console mods such as cases
  • PlayStation controllers
  • PlayStation accessories
  • PlayStation retail games
  • Capture cards
  • Broken/banned PlayStation retail consoles

    Examples of items that are prohibited in this section:

  • Codes
  • Accounts
  • Console IDs
  • ISO disks
  • Flashed drives
  • Consoles with flashed drives
  • Pre-loaded hard drives
  • Developer "dev" Kits of any kind (including accessories)

    Rules for posting

  • You may NOT list your payment methods. This is to be done when messaging through the PM/IM system.

  • You must include picture or video proof of the item(s) you are selling. Prove that the item is as you describe it and display your TTG username in the image/video. Show any damage.

  • Proof is to be displayed in your topic. Do not ask members to contact you off-site for proof.

  • You must conduct all sales via TTG's private message or instant message system. Do not post off-site contact info (Skype, AIM, email, GTalk, Kik, phone, etc.) on your topic. TTG staff cannot take action in response to events that take place off-site.

  • Include your country in the topic title. For example [US], [UK], [CA], etc.

  • Do not post a link to your sale on another site such as Ebay, Craigslist, another forum site, etc.

  • Trades are allowed if all items involved are permitted for sale.

    Info about Trusted Sellers and staff members

  • Members with the Trusted Seller badge have been verified as trustworthy by administration and are held to very high standards. Their sales topics are also made "stickies" at the top of the section and they are allowed exceptions to some rules. Staff members have the same privileges.

  • Trusted sellers are allowed to post a link to their website for sales, but the site must be ONLY for sales. The site must not contain other things such as forums, blogs, etc.

  • There have been many cases of people impersonating TTG staff and Trusted Sellers with the intention of scamming. Before you buy anything, be sure you've confirmed the identity of the seller on TTG by messaging them here.

  • Staff members will not contact you off-site (Skype, AIM, email, GTalk, etc.)

    Other notes about the Marketplace

  • If you have an issue with another member regarding a sale, send a PM to an Administrator. DO NOT make a forum post about it. You can find a list of staff here.

  • If you see posts that break the rules, please use the report button to help us keep the marketplace tidy and safe.

  • If you have a question about the rules, please PM a staff member or post in the Ask the Staff section.
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