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Hi all, recently got myself an ATI Radeon RX580 8GB DDR5 GPU as it was next on the upgrade list for my PC. I mainly play games such as CS:GO, Rocket League and Valorant. Mainly competitive based games. These all run fine on my rig. Specs to follow. Now when installing the GPU i only used the 8 pin connector but there is also a 6 pin connector. I understand that plugging in both allows more power to be used by the GPU. When I run Warzone with just the 8 pin connector in, it runs fine but with both in it crashes almost every time once bullets start flying. My theory is my PSU wattage is not enough and the CPU demands 'x' amount of power under load and since the GPU is allowed a large chunk of power it just crashes. Warzone is causing pretty much 100% CPU usage while at around 50 degrees Celsius which to me seems fine so overheating is not the issue I don't believe. I wanted to see if having both 6 and 8 pin connectors in would allow higher graphic settings but I think the CPU is just not up to it. Then again I would assume that having higher graphic settings would take some of the stress away from the CPU as currently my GPU is not doing much as its on the lowest settings. What happens on high settings is much better FPS but stutters where the game essentially freezes for a second or so thus making it unplayable. Why is this? Anyway any advice would be appreciated. I need to make a new updated build as this rig is 5 years old and the GPU is the only worthwhile component to save along with storage. Will also point out that I also think RAM might play a part and 16GB would help, however don't know if it would help as CPU is stuggling I think.

H97M-G43 Msi Motherboard
TSXFX 450 watt psu
I5 4460 3.2ghz cpu with aftermarket CPU cooler
ATX Radeon RX580 8GB
HyperX fury 2x4gb ram
500GB hdd
Micro atx fractal design core 1000 mini tower

Cheers. Ryan.

I have went back to just the 8 pin connector and it now crashes after like a minute without fail?
Is this my issue or the game? Literally played it all day today no issues, decide to try the graphics card with both connectors in stops working and now no matter what it is not working. My Specs meet the minimum? Surely my i5 CPU is better than the min spec of i3 CPU? The game is fine in normal multi player but warzone is just a mess for me rn. Who knows at this point tried many things to get the game running smooth and thought I had till i kept trying.
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