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Hi every one

Here is my lvl 99 save file for 'hail to the king , baby!'

Also you can get 'weapon expert' and 'I can do anything I want. I got guns' for weapon mastery

For 'hail to the king, baby' you only need 450 more xp for lvl 100. I suggest you start chapter 1 part 1 because it is the shortest chapter in game and upon complete you get more than 3000xp

For weapon mastery trophies just start chapter 8 part 4 in first enemy encounter you can max all weapons

Weapons include :

1 . Gewehr 43 -- Kill 10 snipers by shooting them through the scope 9/10
2 . M30 Drilling -- Kill 250 Zombies by dismembering limbs 233/250
3 . Webley MKVI -- Get 200 double kills or above 196/200
You can also mastery mp 44 if you like

Warning: I got all others trophies on this save

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