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This is a verse I spit in tha booth back in 2011.
I reuploaded the mp3 to youtube back in 2016,
so if you missed it back then. Here it is below! I miss my studios,
I am really debating on building my fourth one in my fourth house.

This is for TTG!! Hopefully we will make it the OFFICIAL TRACK!!

Listen Here:

we all begin our journey on tha site by bein a leech
then we get so addicted that we can even leave the seat
it aint no joke when it comes to this site
the tech game bury any other game site alike
theres no alike, just a bunch of wanna-bes for instance
Sevensinz home of the crybabies who get kisses
check out tha forums we got everything you need
from hackin, ta moddin, wit just about anything
ta keep ya mind from dazin from all of the little things
its kinda like a redbull it gives you some sort of wings
ta fly away from all of tha other types of human beings
so click on gold its only five ninty seven a month
you get ta skim around tha forum wit a logo ta stunt
so come on over wit jus a click of tha mouse
hit the forum button and begin ya sectional browse
but dont forget tha name, WE THA SICKEST AROUND

The OG Thread

Great memories in the original thread.


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Super lit, high quality fire vocals from TTG's only RepBandito.

Give this guy Producer or else.
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why does RepBandit not have producer already?
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Haha love it brother. So original.

Should change your name to Rapbandit now ;)
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That's insane if Sean doesn't put this on the site so it plays when you log in Then it's RIGGED
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ya.... ok.

Let's try not to forget the real rapper of TTG.
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This song makes me want to rob my own house
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This was actually good
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Actually better than I thought it was going to be.
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Best propaganda video i have ever seen.
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