GeneralHow difficult is it for you to try new things such as food ePosted:

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How difficult is it for you to try new things weather it's food or a new video ?

I'd so for me it's like a 5/10 sorta of hard.

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Wait.. what are we referring to here ;).
Because this may affect my response lol!
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If we're talking about food here then literally 10/10 as long as it doesn't smell like sewage tbh
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Food I can't stand trying new things I stick to chicken that's about it haha
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I'm terrible. I stick to the basics lol
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I try new things all the time, how can you know if you don't like something if you won't try it?
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I'll try anything once as long as the food isn't too odd! And for trying new stuff I'll try anything on the ground or anything that doesn't consist of heights!!
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I'm picky when it comes to food.

So when trying food it depends on what kind of day I had weather I want something new or not.
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Morrisson wroteFood I can't stand trying new things I stick to chicken that's about it haha

Pretty much the same. I despise trying new things.
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Anything but seafood lol
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