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Today marks 3 years on TTG!
I recently have become active in the past month or so. I have achieved a few badges and hope to get a few more in the near future.

Also on the road to 1k rep. Thanks to the SB boys.

The Following 6 Users Say Thank You to JoeExotic For This Useful Post:

Sean (05-09-2020), G6 (05-09-2020), 2Pac (05-09-2020), FawhsMods (05-09-2020), Paws (05-09-2020), Doug (05-09-2020)
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Congrats brother. You'll get the 1k in no time <3
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JoeExotic you sly dog.
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Congrats man
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Congrats man
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Congrats on 3 years man!
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Congrats bro
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grats on the 3 yrs mate
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Congrats Joe on 3 years on here! cmon don't u know that's where all the Exotic stuff happens lol
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