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Few days late to this but I have been on TTG for a total on 11 Years! Crazy to think 11 years ago I ordered a transfer cable from Microsoft and used this site to learn how to get No Clip and God Mode on Cod4 and WAW and then went onto getting a Jtag a while after and hosting on MW2!

Always say I would like to be more active and post more but rarely get time to now with growing up and being busy a lot but it's nice to always come back to the site and see it's still active!

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11 years is a long time, the gaming days could not have been any better.
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Congrats on 11 years that's massive gg m8
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Congrats on 11 years mate!
I haven't seen you around in a while
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11 years.. wow. You'd think that would be the year 2000! Time flies so fast huh.

Congrats on the milestone brother. Hope to see you in the SB soon!!
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That's crazy amount of time man! Congrats
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Congrats buddy, the good old days eh , all the best!

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Congrats dude that's crazy
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Congrats man on 11 years
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