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I've tried to google but couldn't really find it...

But About 2 weeks ago after being out (sun was out) I've got a rash spotty skin on both hands but not really no itchy or nothing so I presumed heat rash

It stayed days after then it basically flared up became hot spotty red itchy and constantly noticeable but my left hand is literally 10x worse

Then about 3/4 days ago not sure if it's related but right behind my left ear going down my neck I've developed the same thing.... but in a thin line?

Now I'm not sure if I should be worried, this isn't your typical heat rash and mums know best. Only since my mum noticed and said keep an eye it's made me worried, one thing online said "German Measles" but it just doesn't match up, should I be worried? I don't hve a rash anywhere else but as I type this it's even a lot of discomfort on my left hand, it's bumpy even when the redness goes, it stays bumpy....

Hmm not sure anybody got a clue? I've tried

Factor 50 (incase it was heat)
Nivea skin lotion
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Honestly no idea, I'm just a gamer. But as long as it's not spreading then you won't die. Keep up on the moisturizer homie.

maybe some pictures on r/AskDocs might give you better advice.
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Try looking into eczema cream. I have this problem sometimes on my hands when it starts warming up and the cream gets rid of it, just apply twice a day until it's gone. I use cortizone 10 if you have that where you live.
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Give house 6 Vicodin a rat, cat piss, and a weekend and he will figure it out.
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Go to a doctor?
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Honestly, I don't want to sound like an arse but it's the truth.

This is a gaming site, there's probably not many people who have that sort of knowledge. My personal advice would be to book an appointment with the dermatologist, my friend had the same issue and he was told he has eczema. Strangely he hasn't had it in years..
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i got the same thing kinda from the sounds of it. its probably heat rash
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