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Hi I'm RNF Cash

I have a clan on Xbox named RNF

I play Xbox One only

My gamer tag is : RNF Cash (add me if you wanna play or join my clan

I play NBA 2K20, COD, GTA

I'm buying modding stuff soon

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Welcome brother
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Welcome man,

Hope to see ya around !
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Welcome to TTG!

Have fun, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

I play Xbox one too, mainly COD. Feel free to hit me up - Im Asthmatic

Make sure you read the rules:

Drop into the Shoutbox sometime and say hello!
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Welcome to the site man!
Hope to see you around
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Welcome to TTG RNF!!

Hope to see you around!
Stay active and PM if you need any help
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Hey! Welcome to TTG.

Make sure to read the Rules.

Also, come hang out with us in the Shoutbox.
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welcome to ttg lad

enjoy your stay
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Welcome to TTG
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Welcome to TTG man! Come hangout with us in the shoutbox when you get the chance!
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