GeneralWhat is the worst Fifa you've played?Posted:

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Mine is personally Fifa 20 I ain't touched ultimate team in about 5 months it's awful. I enjoy pro clubs cause that's a laugh but on ultimate team there isn't no casual game modes just rivals and champs and you literary have to sweat it out in every game lol
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Honestly not many fifas I haven't liked
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Fifa 08 was the worst Football Games I've ever played in my life
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I stopped buying FIFA after FIFA 17. I did play the FIFA 20 demo very briefly before FIFA 20 came out. Can't say i wasn't a fan of it. I do want to get back into playing them but its not the same anymore.
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for me it is fifa 20 played the demo and never touched it again
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Definitely has to be FIFA 20. Last FIFA I will buy.
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Fifa 16 I played about 15 games max on it that year

Also 20 is complete but I've still played 1000+ games
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FIFA 20 Is SHIT im in Div 8 because everyone has either Used their dads wallet and brought packs to win or stayed indoors for 100 hours straight to get the super over powered Blue cards that are out atm its the shittest game to ever release imo
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Every fifa.

Yet I still play them ffs
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