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So Iv never brought coins but as I have some spare money Iv been considering it, just wanna know how it works so if I wanted 500k have I gotta list players to that value? if someone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it very much
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You will most likely give them your account details and they will do it for you known as 'comfort trade'

They will then open bronze packs and buy the players on their accounts that have coins on them.

It takes a bit longer but is much safer.
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Just Google "fifa 20 coins", there are a lot of sites here, you just need to check with the customer service, they'll told you how to make it.

I used to buy fifa coins from Ssegold, it's fast and safe for now, not ad, lol
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I prefer to play computer FIFA. Because buying pc fifa coins is cheaper and more economical, and I use the game pad, so it's like the PS and the Xbox.
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