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Which wheels do you guys like? They're 18" wheels gonna fit on my MK5 golf the golf is black might lower it but not rn just can't decide what ones I like

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The top ones are a fire colour!
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MoonRock wroteThe top ones are a fire colour!

Yea man but I also like the dark grey set too just wish I could see them on The car to decide
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I really like the look of the 3rd one mate!
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I'd have to go with just black
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The black alloys with the red outline look seriousssss!!
Defo get them they're sick!
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I would definitely go for the top ones with red thru them.. They would fit very nice onto a golf good pick mate (:
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Always a fan of silver & gunmetal wheels. This is my friends VW
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I'd personally go for the last set in the photos. Have you had a look for OEM Monza alloys or even the BBS CH Pescara alloys, those always look nice on a MK5 with some lowering springs 25-35MM
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First or third would look really good! Look even better when you lower it!
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