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So this isn't a give away like usual, this RGH needs a bit of work like a new disk tray and it runs poorly.

The idea of this is to give this to someone who can fix it, use it or even give it away to someone else on TTG

I'm going to chose someone who I think will fix it up and do something useful with it as I don't have time or need for it anymore.

So if you think you know anybody who could fix this up and put it to good use let them know and comment their profile link! or if it's you I should give it to tell me why I should give it to you. Now don't comment saying "because i've wanted one for ages and have no money" because i won't choose you.

I'll leave this up for a week or two to choose who gets it.

Ill be noting down everyone that I think has a chance

Heres two pics of the RGH as you can see the disk tray is gone lol and I have no pictures of it running as i don't have the power cable no more.

Any questions feel free to ask!

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Might as well enter. Can certainly put it to use and do the repairs myself.

@Nagisa is a good contestant as well
Thanks bud.
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I used to own an RGH but eventually sold it and I miss having one. I would like to enter, and if I win this would be a cool project to work on as well as help the modding community with their needs.

I appreciate it.
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I sell and repair consoles and deffinently would love to enter +rep
Would probably do my own give away after I tidy the console up for proper consumer use anything to make the community happy (:

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I have the time to take this on and to get it working correctly, count me in please!

Maybe ill give it away again to "somebody that doesn't have the money and have wanted one for ages" but they would need to be a gold member.

I would do like 50 number entry and pick random on google number gen and live feed it for proof.
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Btw I wasn't taking shots at anyone who can't afford one or anything I mean by someone who is new to modding and wants to just plug in and play this console needs some work on it

If you know how to fix it and can't afford it still enter I didn't mean it in that way ahah! As I'll be paying for shipping etc if not too expensive if I have to ship to US I'll sort something out
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Bump:) got 5 names on the list so far
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Hey man, Nice giveaway!

I would definitely be able fix this console up.
I would love this as back around 7/8 years ago I used to always host free modded lobbies for TTG, then my kids came along and my Xbox and JTAG were just collecting dust as I would never have time to play so I sold both my console and JTAG. My kids are grown up a little now and I recently bought myself a new xbox console to play all the old games for memories, and I would love to be able to start modding again for old times sake. Thanks for this chance mate
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I'd like to enter this as it will give me something to do in my free time thanks for the opportunity +rep
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Awesome idea mate! Love this

Followed these forums for ages, can easily work with this, my JTAG died a few years back, classic RROD. Loved playing all the emulators in full screen and doing the odd modded lobby with mates back in the day. If i get the pick I'll give her the TLC to fix her up and get her running. Thanks for a chance
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