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so i keep having this bug where all the pixels will go black and then whole screen will just go black but the map will still show game will still play, i uninstalled the game reinstalled it, i play on a gtx 1080 with i7 9700k and 1440p monitor, even tried on my second 144hz 1080p one still same issues i assume it has to do with shaders? i reinstall them it does nothing i restarted the game nothing, did the fix option it still does it. No other game i play does this only cod mw
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Hopefully some other people comment with other ideas as well,

But have you tried using/installing Nvidia GeForce experience and optimising the game and making sure your graphics card drivers are up to date
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ive seen these issues,

Are your drivers up to date? What about in game settings, i play with most shadows and graphics low to spot enemies further away and as soon as i changed my settings down the black screen stopped
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Geforce Experience needs to have the latest drivers to play warzone.
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Do you have direct x installed? That was my issue for the game.
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