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Just recently got my first vehicle i could really be proud of to show off.. Consider this thread my WIP with this thing. Right now its Rims All Terrain Tires and a level.

Let me know what you think!

Edit 1

Got in a car accident and got rear ended so I was able to choose my own rear bumper and went with a Westin Outlaw pre runner bumper.

Also added tint to the truck 5% on the rear three and 20% on the front two and visor strip!

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I like the black on black theme you have going on, and like how it looks menacing.
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Great looking truck you have there!
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TBH i love the look of the new Silverado's
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I dont like trucks but i do like this one, jacked up higher than my house is where i draw the line lmao
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Nice truck
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That is noiceee
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That's an epic truck man!
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That's a very nice truck man. Wish my first vehicle was this nice haha.
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