ConspiracyThoughts on 5G linked with COVID-19?Posted:

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These conspiracy stories that I have been reading on social media have been blowing my brains out, BUT I want your opinion on the whole situation.

In the UK people are setting fire to 5G masts as they think its dangerous for their well-being, with some also claiming 5G is connected to COVID 19

This is crazy some of the stuff I am reading. Some people are deluded, or is it just me?

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Its aliens. It's always aliens. Nah but in a serious manner, I think people right now are looking for anything and everything to blame for covid. It started as a bat and now its moved to a 5G mast. Could be anything but I guess I'm always open to interpretations
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Honestly the stupidest conspiracy in my opinion
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Most ridiculous thing I've seen
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Don't do drugs kids.
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Dumb as ****, not going to go into it. Even been proved by science and people still burn them
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5g stuff is garbage to even think about
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One of the dumbest 'theories' I've ever heard of and the people who actually believe it to the point that they destroy cell phone towers need to seriously get their brain checked/thrown in a mental hospital.

You could argue that 5G towers may have an effect on the environment around them, but the damn toilet a person has in their house is more of a threat to them than a 5G tower.
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Clique wroteDon't do drugs kids.

This is fax
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