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Just wanted to share a little preview of one of the tools I'm working on. It's pretty bare at the moment but I plan to add a lot to it.

I've had a few people asking me about the Mw3 Remote Recovery tool so I'm going to release a beta trial version of this tool to see if I can get some testing done as well as some feedback. It is not complete by far but the mw3 tool is finished and a lot of the miscellaneous games like BF4 and BF Hardline. The tool is obfuscated and I'm testing a licensing system so it will be hardware ID locked for now. If you'd like to test it use the included HWID tool and pm me the result, then I'll send you a license to be able to use the program. The virus scans may be off putting because of code security/encryption but I can assure everyone its safe, by all means don't use it if you don't trust it.

* Whenever you download a new update automatically from the tool, just place the new .exe in the main directory for the program and overwrite the old one. The .exe must be in the same folder as the license, also keep the "Updates" folder and the "DO NOT DELETE" folder as well otherwise the program will throw an error when downloading updates or using the Mw3 class editor.

Virus Scan: Main Program

Virus Scan: HWID Tool


*These are outdated. I didn't feel like taking all new screenshots :/
*XMemory is a memory scanner for finding simple addresses in memory. This is built off of XeClutch's Cheat Engine For Xbox 360, which does not work. The code is open source on GitHub if you'd like to look at it, it was pretty broken in more ways than one but XeClutch still deserves the credit because I didn't know really where to start. It still needs some fine tuning for eliminating results but it actually works now for the most part.

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Updated preview:

Everything with an image is complete and everything else will be easy because most of it is in previous projects I've started and not finished. I think it's coming along personally.

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Looks good bud! Keep up the hard work
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Looks dope man.
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Good shit bro!
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I like it, looks like we have a lil competition
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JokingGamer wroteI like it, looks like we have a lil competition
I appreciate it. I'm not in competition with anyone bro, I still have a lot to learn.
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Dude, looks amazing!
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Gonna put this out there for anyone who is interested

Current Tools:

BF Hardline
Bully Scholarship Edition
Family Guy BTTM
Forza Horizon 2
Goldeneye 007 Reloaded
NFS Carbon
NFS Pro Street
LED Editor
Memory Scanner
.Ini Editor
XAM XUID & GT Spoofer
Plenty more to come
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Solid tool so far! The final product is going to be epic!
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