Rocket LeagueHow do you get the Fennec in rocket league?Posted:

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Just want to know how to get the fennec. If its something i need to trade for i have over 400 blueprints that i will never use so i may have something to worth trading if someone wants too. Thanks!
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There are a couple ways to get the fennec:
-You can trade for it directly, as you mentioned. Make sure you check here. This is the site the trading community uses for pricing. It looks like the fennec is work around 500-700 credits right now.
-You can build it from a blueprint. That will cost you a certain number of credits.
-You can buy it when it appears in the item shop. This will pretty much cost you the same amount of credits as building it from a blueprint, but you are dependent on the store having it.
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I have a lime green fennec on pc if you wanna trace
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Pink fennec in the shop right now for 700!
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