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What Is your dream job?

I didn't have to think very hard about this one, Formula 1 Driver.

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Either a director or video editor
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I really want to either be a video editor or a youtuber, because it's not that I want a fan-base, I want to show people where i'm from (DMV Area), that there is a way out other than selling drugs, and rapping because that's all they do where I'm from. But, realistic job, I think being a penetration tester would be cool.
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A very famous YouTuber or a pornstar
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I mean id either love to be a big star on the web, Youtuber or Stream would be nuts.

Owning my own gym and vape shop would also be pretty nuts.
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Always wanted to own my own company and it be a huge success
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Police / correctional officer ;)
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Would love to get recognised as a drifter. However a more realistic job for me would be underwater welder.
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Have the knowledge to be a full time stocks and shares trader
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Either a footballer or Youtuber/streamer
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