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Hey guys my ever-adapting PC setup for creative outlook has nearly been 100% perfected after the slight movement of the desk has been done and layout of monitors + nodes has been done!


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did u post the same picture 6 times so we could look at a different monitor each picture?
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You be stuck in the early 00's

But if you give it another 2 decades, you'll find out about Multiple Desktops
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Why would you ever want 6 monitors, holy monthly bill.
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That's a lot of monitors fair play to you!
2 would be enough for me.
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Now that's a lot of monitors!!
Nice setup but I do reckon 2 is better maybe 3.
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Damn, now that's what I call a set up!
How do you concentrate on a screen when you have 5 others looking at you? I prefer having 2, maximum of 3!

Looks nice tho mate
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Does the difference in resolutions ever mess with you?
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Are you running 3 monitors on 1 laptop and 3 on the other? I'd love to hear more about the setup. Quite the wild 6 monitor setup. Separate mouse and keyboard also?
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