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Haven't been on my Jtag in a good few years, thought id have a go on it while being on lockdown lol.

Seems to be an issue with Steal Server Plugins but cant figure out why? I have tried 3 different stealth servers now and each one freezes the xbox on boot up? Will boot fine when the stealth server plugin is not on the HDD.
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probably not good files ? get the lastest ones and be sure your on the latest dash
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Get Xekeys is an stealth server vps issue, otherwise what dash are you loading have you updated the dash?
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I have been messing around my old rgh also I had the same issue, could be your stealth servers files are corrupted and not up to date, to fix this I had to update to the latest dashboard(17559) and reinstall my stealth servers files with more up to date ones
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