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11 years ago I joined TTG.

I remember playing CoD 5 "World at War" and playing through the campaign.

Once you finished the story mode you unlocked this "bonus game mode" called Nazi Zombies, I fell in love with it!

I remember looking up everything you had to know on the game like glitches, spots, and mods of course. To try and make it to the top of the leaderboards.

I remember seeing some guy named TTG Zombies on top of the leaderboards. I viewed their profile and added them they accepted me and I soon looked up this website.

Finally I made my account and everything was history.

I'll always come back to TTG. The community has always been a family.

I want to thank Sean for sticking with his guns and keeping this site alive after so long!

Thank you guys for everything I truly appreciate it.

I'll see you at a dozen.

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damn this post made we wanna run WAW Zombies haha Grats on 11 Years
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Congrats on 11 years man! Glad you've stuck around this time.
I absolutely miss playing old school zombies. Bring back a lot of good memories just thinking about it.
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Crazy bro 11 years that is mad
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Damn congrats on the 11 years bro!

It's nice seeing the "old timers" still actually are active.

Gotta love the WaW zombies tho lol
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Congrats. What simpler times they were back then
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Congrats!!! Great achievement. See you at 12.
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Good stuff brotha! I'm sure I'll be here at 12 ;)
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