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If you're in lockdown and in quarantine what are you doing to pass the time?

Im currently just playing games and watching netflix.
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Blowing the dust from my Jailbroken PS3 and becoming an Active member too the community again..
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Today is the official first day my state has made it mandatory. Although since I have not worked in almost 2 weeks, it feels so much longer already.

I have been grinding some games, streaming a bit more, and chilling with my roomates. All I can do really.

Stay safe out there boys! Hit me up to play some Rocket League, or CoD etc.
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I'm playing call of duty and posting on here. Maybe I'll watch a movie here and there.
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smoking ciggerettes, sitting on the porch
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Texasdoesn't have mandatory quarantine currently, so I luckily or unluckily I'm not sure which one I would class it as yet get to keep working lol..
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Been grinding my games A lot more such as cod and fifa rocket league etc, also on here more often now
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I've been spending time with my significant other and my son. And binge watching netflix.
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I'm been in quarantine with my girl for a little over a week now.

We've been watching Netflix eating good ;)

The dogs seem to like it since they are never alone.

We're about to go medicate with some holy herb as well
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Playing a lot more Xbox. Mainly cod. Might buy a gaming pc to start up csgo again. Reminiscing on childhood with the new Disney+
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