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Rather significant on site, absolutely insignificant off.

Crazy to think I've been part of this community for 10 years, grateful to have some great memories and met some great people from here.

That being said we live in uncertain times, don't take life for granted as we can see what has happened at the start of this year so far.

Personally hope everyone and their families are well and safe wherever in the world you are. Times like these are when everyone needs to band together and help each other in whatever way we can. I learnt a lot about the sense of community and helping others from this site and the people on it, pass it forward, little things, big things; every little helps right now. Mental health is really being tested right now with people in isolation, social distancing and in lockdown in some countries. Reach out to loved ones and friends, it can make the world of difference right now, if we all support one another it will be easier to get through this shitshow.

I need you all to rep and thank my topic next year so be sensible out there. Stay Safe, and stay thirsty.

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10 years is crazy almost 9 years for me! Congratulations on your milestone my dude
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Grats on 10 Years man!
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Congrats on 10 years brother
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Congrats on 10 years!
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10 years and over 5k posts, that is amazing! Congrats on the 10 years man!
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Congrats on the decade, G_Man.

I hope you stay safe too! <3
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I hope you and your family are safe, once this all blows over, everyone will not take things for granted hopefully. Congratulations on 10 years buddy!
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