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Hell TTG, this is more or less me checking in and seeing how everyone is doing!

Hope everyone is doing good and staying healthy!

What is everyone doing in this time to keep busy? I am staying home with my puppy, playing PS4, and modding on my RGH.

Here is a updated picture of my puppy (Hoffa)

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Super cute doggy! Yeah I'm healthy I hope everyone else is too. It's a crazy time right now with this virus. I'm stuck at home playing Xbox. Would it be worth it to get an RGH in 2020? Haven't used one in years. Might get back into it.
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Whats up my guy! Yeah dude just staying in doors as boris (uk prime minister) has said you're only aloud out locally and only in groups of 1 or 2. Anymore then 2 people together could get you arrested. So yeah thats the long story short.
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