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For my long awaited return here is an absolute masterpiece

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The gaming community was just better back then. The childhoods now that people are having are so lame compared to what we had
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Had me at "pronounced prawn hoob"
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I thank you for leaving this here this is great
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Lol! The gaming days pre 2010 onwards was the best gaming years of my life.
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It's been awhile since I scrolled through the theatre on bo1 I completely forgot what it was like
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ahhhh, the good ol' days when I saw nothing but titties and penises on emblems...
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Back in the real COD days where there wasn't many snowflakes and just funny stuff like this, the crazy emblems you could make, the real feel to a war!

Man this hit me right in the feels as I miss them days and then days are long gone:(

I remember viewing most of these and trying to make some myself, the good ol days ay.
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