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My dad played games for 15+ years and played with a group called Section8Gaming. they had up to 350 members and played a they also had clan battles. back in old CoD Mw1, Mw2 and BO1 and Battlefield days. He died last year and since the clan was started by him they have kinda moved on with the name and have made the clan a little different, I play MW(2019) basically the only game I play. I Used the new regiments I am starting a Section8Gaming clan in honor of my dad. The regiment name is Section8Gaming 2 this clan will end up of doing a wide variety of things, such as streaming, title update videos, news on COD; new and upcoming information. it WILL NOT be intense. if you are interested in even just doing the regiment let me know by sending a message vis PSN. PSN ID: hairydawg96. This clan / "regiment" has logos, a channel, etc just need more members. it will be a routine thing - AND if it starts getting big enough where revenue comes in or we get a sponsor the money will be dispersed between members accordingly.
About Us : We Stream, we goof off, we dominate at the game when its the right time, and we do many other things! The clan I started many many years ago (OpK) is not going to be anything like this besides POSSIBLY making 'glitch' videos and ect, however our main focus is - gameplay, tutorials, and things of that nature. Guideline rules will be given if you decide to join. Looking for all players, experienced or not!

Clan Tag for S8 = <S8> which is gold because of regiment
Also just incase someone forgets S8 = Section8Gaming
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