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Just curious to see which members have kids?

What's it like? I one day hope to have children of my own.

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Pawzy (03-16-2020)
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I have 2 kids...... Its not terrible, But most of the things you used to do, You cant do as much of.... Like spending time with friends, Going wherever you want etc...... All in all, it really isnt bad...I love my kids to death.. The memories are well worth parties and such I have missed...... Being a dad is top notch.... One of ems already getting into gaming as well....
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no and never will
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I got one boy. He'll be 9 months old on the 20th and I absolutely love being a dad. Man it truly is a blessing!
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nope and most likely wont ever unless the chick wants a kid
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We have a daughter who's turning 2 next month, best thing to ever happen to me!
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I have three kids, 13,6,3. Some days I wanna kill them, others love them. They have blessed me but a teenager is annoying asf
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Not got kids but would like to have them in the future
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No kids, but maybe in the future, But still have to figure out what My partner and I would like to do since were same sex.
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Me and my partner are expecting a child later this year.
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