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Are you afraid of heights?

I am.

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I was when I was younger but not anymore.
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Bank wroteno

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I am quite badly, going abroad in a few months for the first time in my life.. my anxiety will hit the roof when I go on the plane for the first time lol.
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Usually tall people are afraid of heights.

Depends on how high we are talking. 15 stories maybe a little but afraid lol

But normally not afriad if heights.
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Yeah I am
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I was before I started roofing. After my first couple roofs I got over it and now I guess I'm just used to it. I've been on some pretty sketchy shit too running around up there like a mad man lmao. Lucky I've never fell off a roof.. I've fell through a porch roof but that was nothing. I'm sure if I ever fell off and really got hurt I'd be scared.

One of my buddies actually slid off a metal roof and got so much speed he flew across the yard and busted his head off the sidewalk, was lucky to get up and walk away with just stitches in his head. He's not scared to get on a roof but you can definitely tell he's extra cautious now.
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Yes and no. I hate being in high places and just looking down, but I can do airplanes and roller coasters etc. I just can't be standing still while staring down from a height
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I use to be afrid of all hieghts then me and my mates started climbing trees bungalos and was not afrid of that hieght, but tall heights im still afrid i can feel my legs go like jelly watching parkor videos when they got the mouth cam on lol
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