Milestone27 years old. DAYUM!Posted:

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27 years ago today my mother gave birth to a legend.

Jokes. Just me

Have a great day guys.

(if you're going to buy me a gift. Get me toilet roll. Fecking shelves are empty af)

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Happy Birthday, Lol its out of toilet paper here in ny too man.
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Here is to another year. Congrats brother!
Sold out here in Toronto too lmao
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Happy Birthday Jay

Here's to another 27 years
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Happy birthday bro same day!!!!

Sick haha
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Happy birthday mate, have a good day
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Happy birthday man!!
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Happy birthday hope you have a good one!
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Happy Birthday. Here comes the worst year of your life. I hope you enjoy it.
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Happy Birthday mate, here is to another year of 7 monsters a day.
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