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My biggest goal would be to be a owner of some type of business. I haven't got to what that would be as of yet and it is a massive goal and hope to be able to get there

What is your biggest goal ?

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Mine is to hopefully get my master and get my Nurse Practitioner license. And in the near future settle down with my boyfriend and get a furry child or adopt or something (still have to figure it out).
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Just to be happy aka i need me moniessss
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My goal is very simple... but a house, get my dream truck and have a family! One day though.
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My goal is to just be happy and take care of my son.
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Become rich not having to worry about money anymore
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Pawzy wroteMy goal is to just be happy and take care of my son.

Same for me. I don't have any lofty goals of "Become rich" or "Own my own buisness"

I just want to be happy. And, currently, I am. Love my job. Love my family. Don't have too many worries in life. Only thing that would improve my life now is learning how to draw decently, which I am learning how to do! Another 3 years of that and I'll be a decent drawer, lol.
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Own a house
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