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When I was about 10 I choked on bacon and ever since then I haven't eaten it after that lmao its funny to think about now but in the moment it was not.

Just curious as to what the scariest moment of your life was?
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omg when i was like 11 i went to the paradise island Bahamas at the Atlantis resort. And me being a kid i wanted to go down the huge exotic water slides but the water was too deep at the end of the slide and i couldn't swim at the time so my parents said they wait for me at the bottom and grab me. But it didn't go as planned and i went down and found myself in 7 foot deep water and i didn't know what to do. I was under water for what felt like eternity and i was trying to stay calm then out of the blue some grabbed me and brought me to the surface. I just remember crying and asking what took them so long.
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Quite recent actually, Valentines Day this year.

I was driving down the motorway (highway if you're Americano) travelling at about ~75mph and we saw no emergency services, no signal to tell us there was an accident but there was a truck and a car stopped on the outside lane, I was on the inside lane. Coming up to the stopped vehicles there was a BMW in front of me who suddenly swerved at high speed, at the time we had no clue why and I assumed it was a fox or something along those lines but couldn't see much as it was about 9pm, a few seconds later I spot a car wheel which had obviously came off the car that was stopped, almost dead centre of the lane I am in, my first thoughts were that we're gonna hit this and either flip or just lose control and crash. There were cars on my outside and behind me so I couldn't risk braking hard at that speed and I couldn't swerve into the middle lane. I had probably a second to react until we hit this wheel, I tried to thread the needle between the car on my outside and the wheel, I managed to get over enough but we still hit it, sent my drivers side in the air but luckily not enough for the car to lose full control. it jolted us at which point my girlfriend was screaming and I was close to staining my car seats brown, but we came out unscathed and my car was relatively undamaged, had it fully checked over the next day and it just needed tracking on the steering and there was a small crack on the underside of my front bumper.

But yeah, it definitely was not a fun way to end your valentines day.
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almost getting smashed by a speeding car well speeding on a bmx which i had the right of way because three way street with stop signs on both corners, female dog didnt want to break and let me pass and then chased me down to my friends house and yelled at me about how i should have waited when i didnt even see a car coming at all and tried to pop my tire before my friends father came and told the women off after hearing both sides of the story, learned my lesson threaten legal action for attempted hit and run.
this was back when i was 14, 10 years ago isnt that long in my book.

moral is i learned alot of things self defense is your best friend and threaten legal action and fully stop at stop signs even on a bike skateboard or blades because you dont know wholl speed
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I've never been in a serious car crash or had my life threatened. However, when I was younger my grandmother had open heart surgery. She survived cancer from when she was younger, but her treatment damaged tissue in her heart(not the reason for surgery just a complication). This damage made the surgery very risk. I was told 50/50. She made it through and once she went home her pug didn't leave her side for weeks.
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