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TTG, I need your assistance.

I currently weigh 11st 1lb (height 5' 11") with 7% of body fat. As you can sort of picture, I'm quite tall but skinny. I've been hitting the gym for 3 months, going 4 days a week to try and achieve the 2.0 version of myself. Daily, I'll consume in excess of 4,000 calories. 3,000 are from meals and snacking, with 1000 calories coming from a single shake (I try not to depend on bulking with liquids). I put in a lot of effort with the gym, but my gains are slow. Do you have any advice as to what I could do to put on more muscle? My metabolism is like lightening and I've tried to 'dirty bulk' also, but my body will retain itself and shred anything I give it.


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What do you macros look like?
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DO NOT buy a mass gainer shake lol, just because you said that, I already know your diet is shit lol. here is my video on a 1000cal homemade food shake you can have twice a day for a quick 2000cal, den has another 3000cal from food.

Here are some foods, but have big portions as these foods don't have alot of cal, also have a few dirty foods in there also (meats, chicken, avocado, rice, oats, bananas, grits, peanut butter, good old fry up, sweet potatoes, eggs, veggies) example of dirty foods, a plate of chicken covered in bbq sauce, oats with syrup etc. Don't get junk food as you will just crap it out.

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A lot of ways to TRY and put on weight. Personally I have had friends struggle with the same thing and they like to use creatine to help them. You could give that a shot if you want. Just keep working hard, it'll pay off.
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You can't speed up the rate you body builds muscle through food your body has it's limits and on a celluar level can only use so much protein at a specific rate, this can only be increased through steroids due to the upregulation of protein synthesis.

If your not gaining weight your simply not eating enough, I know you say your eating what you are but it's either 3 things.

1. Your calorie tracking is way off (not taking into account daily calories burned/guessing calories/exaggerating or rounding up). If this is the case only thing to do is eat more.

2.Macro's are way off from where they need to be.

3. You're not training hard enough, not getting optimal recovery or all 3.

Coming on here for advice but giving very limited information.

My only advice for you would be to start writting a log book for every training session ensuring your strength progresses every several weeks while keeping good form and technique on lifts.

Start eating more protein try 1.6/2g of protein per kg/bw, increase your carbs before and after training this will spike insulin and improve nutrient uptake when protein and glycogen is most needed.

Ensure your getting a full and restful night sleep, limit your exposure to blue light at night etc.

DON'T rely on shakes for calories these should be an absolute last resort, shakes unless you make sure they have plenty of fats in them digest far to quickly for your body to absorb all the nutrients inside and even at that shakes normally leave you feeling bloated which then can prevent you from getting actual good solid meals with real full in.
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