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TTG, I need your assistance.

I currently weigh 11st 1lb (height 5' 11") with 7% of body fat. As you can sort of picture, I'm quite tall but skinny. I've been hitting the gym for 3 months, going 4 days a week to try and achieve the 2.0 version of myself. Daily, I'll consume in excess of 4,000 calories. 3,000 are from meals and snacking, with 1000 calories coming from a single shake (I try not to depend on bulking with liquids). I put in a lot of effort with the gym, but my gains are slow. Do you have any advice as to what I could do to put on more muscle? My metabolism is like lightening and I've tried to 'dirty bulk' also, but my body will retain itself and shred anything I give it.


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What do you macros look like?
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DO NOT buy a mass gainer shake lol, just because you said that, I already know your diet is shit lol. here is my video on a 1000cal homemade food shake you can have twice a day for a quick 2000cal, den has another 3000cal from food.

Here are some foods, but have big portions as these foods don't have alot of cal, also have a few dirty foods in there also (meats, chicken, avocado, rice, oats, bananas, grits, peanut butter, good old fry up, sweet potatoes, eggs, veggies) example of dirty foods, a plate of chicken covered in bbq sauce, oats with syrup etc. Don't get junk food as you will just crap it out.

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