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What does success mean to you?

To me whatever is the best I can achieve. Having food, a job , a roof over my head minimal things.
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Peace of mind. Being able to connect to nature, people and most importantly myself... would suffice. Other variables include

      Growth (personal and career-wise)
      Appreciating art and life
      Having a stable income and living conditions
      Having a friendship group that promotes growth and joy.
      Always learning different topics and perspectives
      Challenging myself

    Another thing is just having a good influence on people... Naturally without wanting anything in return. Just to live.
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    I don't think success is measured in materialistic goods or money. I think success is measured by accomplishing goals you set for yourself and exceeding your own expectations.. at least in my eyes. I am a manager for the company I work for, I feel I am successful due to my current status at my age as well as where I am versus where I thought I'd be.
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    getting the sensei badge even tho 90% of the staff team hates me

    call me a star pupil
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    The only thing really to me is to get where you wanna be in life. Can't really measure it some people think bigger than others.
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    Just getting to where I need/want to be in life, I don't rate success on wealth and expensive stuff..
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    Success to me is being in a comfortable enough position where you can take care of yourself, such as a house, buying food, paying bills etc... you don't need to be rich to be successful. Sometimes giving back to other is success, I'm in the nursing field and helping others when they are in need is something amazing.
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    stability is what i think of
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    I think that if you're happy you're successful. Takes a lot to make people happy these days.
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    Being rich enough to sleep next to a significant other and have enough money to be set for the rest of my life so I can sleep every night peacefully and happily.
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