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So I don't usually ask for help when it comes to "self promotion/avertising" I personally wouldn't say this is advertising but if it is feel free to delete staff.

So, I've had a life changing thought, I'm wanting to take my graphics to another level, I'm not sure where to begin with this but research shows social marketing is by far the best.

If anyone is interested in my own personal life & wants free graphics, can you follow me on Twitter? I'm not offering a service for everyone or I'd literally be rammed haha but I'll occasionally give away designs and occasionally cash.

My Twitter is @Sesh2K, send me a DM with ya username

By the way, this genuinely isn't spam. I'm just hoping to have some following, thank you for the support guys!

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sounds like a awesome idea, giving back to the community. I'm all in plus i'd love some sick graphics!
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