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Hello guys. Could you please help me to choose good PC parts?
Long story short - never had a PC before, so ik kinda new to this. i was "gaming" on notebook, and i have enough of overheating problems haha. Also its pretty old and cant play much games.

What is your budget and currency?
About 800 Euro, you can go over this littlebit if needed, max. +100 EUR

What will you use the PC for?
Games only.

Do you need a monitor? If not, what monitor(s) will you be using?
Yes i need. One is enough for now. Maybe something like 144hz 1ms? Budget for monitor will be like 200 EUR - if there is nothing under this budget, choose something closest to 200 EUR

Do you need a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals?

Do you need an operating system?

Will you overclock?
Not planing to if not needed.

Anything else we should know
I prefer pure power rather than how it looks so dont need any RGB.
I would like to have nice case with good airflow, alot of room, so even begginer like me can build it.
For storage one SSD around 1TB, can possibly buy more later
One SSD for system only.

I have one more question about fans, how much is recommend to have, also how much IN/OUT.
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Which country are you located in? Germany, the Netherlands, France, etc? Which country you're in will change what parts are available and priced well, so we need to have a rough idea of where to recommend parts from.

Aside from that- what is the system being used for exactly? Just games? If so, any idea of the kind of games you'll be playing mostly?

and just to clarify, 1000-1100 Euros for a system and monitor, yeah?
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