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What's in your fridge right now?

Got some lunch meat , candy and veggies and some sauces for food.
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I'm not saying.. I don't want to get raided over the COVID-19 outbreak where everyone is going crazy! Soon it will be a purge and I have seen that film. Those people are on some next level ?!&#&! We should all be installing automatic window and door shutters before it's to late!
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Cake lots and lots off cake
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Cake, meal prep for next couple days, drinks (water, seltzer, etc...)
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Milk water meal preps yogurts beer+wine kinda what I typically pull out of there
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I have a 1956 BMW Isetta engine in my fridge...

I have food and drinks like everyone else, what kind of question is this?
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A whole lot of oxygen... and condiments for no reason.
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i have nothing in my fridge because i eat all the food in it,

call me a beast or call me kirby, but the black hole will just do it all again this week
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Water, salad, lemonade & some juices. I need to go to the store.
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Way too much food, some of it needs to be thrown out lol
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