MilestoneDownload Master And Junior Member Badges....Posted:

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Hi everyone, I just earned 2 badges:

Download Master
Junior Member (JM with this post )

Should I take a break from submitting GameSave downloads?

Na, let the madness continue!!

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to CalicoReidso For This Useful Post:

James (03-08-2020), Tom (03-08-2020), Gnu (03-07-2020), BDZ (03-07-2020), Federation (03-07-2020), Sean (03-07-2020), RS (03-07-2020)
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Congrats man! Keep the work up!
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Now it's time to get tutorial and video mater
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Congratulations on both milestones friend!
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Congratulations Reidso
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Congrats! Someone's got to much time on there hands.
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I will say that's pretty damn cool of you. Those gamesaves are fading away everywhere but atleast they'll always be here.

Congrats bud. Thank you!
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Congrats on the achievements!
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congrats brother
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Huge congrats dude you have worked hard for that!
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