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Hi there,
I have a ps3 rebug Dex & cex firmware
Not sure what software it's on as it's in storage just now but was just wondering if it's worth going and getting and getting it set up again

Is there anyone good ps3 modders on here that could help me

* console banned but I would just buy a new cid *
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If it's already on CFW? It won't really take anything to set it up. Plug and play, it's banned so.
Updating the CFW isn't hard, I can link you a couple good tutorials on YouTube.

You want to know if it's worth it? That's ultimately gonna be up to what you want to do.
You wanna play some emulators, mess with some mod menus, maybe play some older PS3 games for free sure, it's worth it for that.

If you want to make money or think you're gonna find a game you can consistently find players to play with - those days are essentially gone.
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I have had my ps3 for awhile if you need any help just message me and I can try to help you out.
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