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Do you guys work out?

I just started working out regularly at the beginning of the year, 5 days a week.

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I do 4 days a week of mixed work outs, then 1 day of light cardio and 2 days rest.

Been doing it for about a month now.
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I used to work out 5-6 times a week but ended up taking some time out due to injury.

There's a new gym opening up just down the road from me so I think i'll be starting back up when it's fully open.
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I do push ups in morning and at night
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Do I what?
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I wish I had the mentality and will to work out. Sadly I'm very unhealthy instead.
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Haven't in like a month or so, I am gonna start going back.
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I have to work out. I play soccer at my university so we do days outside and we also do days inside with weights, and sometimes... we have to do both feelsbadman
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I eat a lot does that count?
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