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Some people don't like to go shopping at all hbu?

When i get the time I enjoy it.

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I like shopping for clothes but grocery shopping i hate.
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I don't like going to malls, grocery stores, anything. It's always just a chore man than something I want to do.
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Maze wroteNope.
I don't like going to malls, grocery stores, anything. It's always just a chore man than something I want to do.

I agree mate but I do like buying myself some new cloths
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I'll shop online but I hate going to the store
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only when its my dads money i use
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Love using amazon. Hate going out in public lol
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I like shopping on my own or with my brother anyone else (girlfriend, sister or mum) I hate it. Especially my girlfriend.
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If it's not my money I'll shop for anything. But I hate spending money tbh
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oh god is that even a question for me. I literally step outside and somehow already blow $300 in 1 minute.
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